Armenian Adoption Warning about Sonia VIGILANTE

There is a woman who is not giving accurate information about adoptions. It is old stuff from 2008,
She is saying terrible things on her blogs about me and our charity. I don’t know why she is such a VIGILANTE.

She doesn’t speak Armenian and doesn’t travel or regularly communicate with Armenia. Not sure why she hates us so much.


About kachadurianlit1

medical executive and promoter of movie documentaries with a purpose. involved with charities for over 20 years and arts in the schools.
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6 Responses to Armenian Adoption Warning about Sonia VIGILANTE

  1. read her terrible vicious comments under Unethical Adoption Agency. It is just horrible the terrible things she says. We have no idea why she thinks she has the inside scoop on it all.
    Warning to those researching Armenian Adoption — Vanessa Kachadurian is a Phony

    If you come across her blogs, just disregard everything she says. She is a complete nutcase who has been terrorizing PAPs and adoption agencies for years. She has a law suit against her right now for flooding the home of an adoption agency director and slashing her tires. She is also being sued for defamation and cyber harassment. Read more about her by clicking here.

    This is her terrible remarks
    She poses as a charity when she is just using this as a tactic to defend herself against these law suits. Do NOT send this person any money or fall for her pranks. There are many other charities out there that a legitimate. Just stay away from her!!

    She also claims that there are no healthy Armenian children available for adoption. I know of several who have come home this year.

    Good luck in our adoption adventure!!

    Posted by Sonia at 7:12 PM

  2. Sonia there have been 0 healthy kids adopted from Armenian to America in 2010, 100% are special needs minor (limb difference) to Down Syndrome.
    Stop living in Never Never Land
    Those days are over, 1996 and 2008
    It is a whole new world.

  3. Lucine says:

    this person has a bad attitude and is obsessed by you. we are so sorry there are people that would try to harm you.
    one cannot possible think that they can destroy another without harming themselves. keep up your good work, people like that are very disturbed it is obvious that they are stalking you and your blogs. thanks for all your help to our community.

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