Armenian Music benefits from American Rock musicians

Iron Maiden and Deep Purple Rock Bands contribute to Armenian Music charity

Tony Iommi and Ian Gillan will be recording together again along with Iron Maiden’s Nicko McBrain and Deep Purple’s Jon Lord to benefit an Armenian music school. Recording under the moniker WHOCARES, the first charity single will be titled “Out of my Mind.”

In 1989 Tony Iommi and Ian Gillan were involved in the recording of the Deep Purple track “Smoke on The Water.” This song was re-recorded to raise money for those affected by the Leninakan earthquake that struck Armenia in 1988.

In October of last year both Tony and Ian travelled to Armenia to see how the funds raised had helped the local community. On their trip they visited a music school only to find it being run out of temporary accommodation, it was only location not to have been rebuilt 20 years after the earthquake had struck.

Tony and Ian will be heading back into the studio, joined by Jon Lord (ex Deep Purple / Whitesnake) and Nicko McBrain (drummer of Iron Maiden) to record a new track to raise money to rebuild the Armenian music school.

More recently bassist Jason Newsted (Metallica, Flotsam & Jetsam, Voivod, etc.) and guitarist Mikko “Linde” Lindström (H.I.M.), have added their parts to the track “Out Of My Mind” from the all-star charity project.


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3 Responses to Armenian Music benefits from American Rock musicians

  1. Andrea Gerak says:

    Dear Vanessa,

    Thanks for sharing these news! I am a Hungarian girl, started to get to know a little bit about Armenian culture. Fascinating, for me especially the music.

    You might be very young to see them live, but you heard about the great Armenian rock band The News? One of their members Ara Hadjian is back now in music, after 30 years. I am working with him now to help him back on the road.
    Would you like to feature him in your blog? If so, please send me an email. Here is ARA:

    Best regards, Andrea

    • many thanks Andrea, Hungarian people are brillant very much like Armenians. For a small country you have many discoveries like the link to Vitamin C, we have several good Physicians in my area from Hungarian. The Hungarians were cunning in their fight to stop the spread of the Ottoman Empire.
      We will look over Ara’s information!!!

  2. Andrea Gerak says:

    Thank you so much Vanessa! Let us know what more info do you need. And keep up this nice blog!

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