Vanessa Kachadurian- My friend Narek is back home in Armenia

Narek at City of Hope December 2009


 June 2011, climbing to the challenge

“there was no hope” she immediately reached out to her friends who in turned reached out to me.  Narek arrived in the USA in December 2009 as a frail 3 year old toddler, with little hope but a fighting spirit.    With the help of the Armenian Medical Society, and 2 very very important Angels that stayed close by Narek in Glendale, CA.  Maggie a surgical nurse and Vehik the principal of the Ferrahian – Plavian Pre-School we managed to connect with our local groups: ARF, AYF, ARS and the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church to conduct fund raisers.  Horizon TV covered the story front to end internationally, thank you to Vartan and Ani.  A very very special “thank you” to the ASA (Armenian Student Associations) they had poker nights, Disco Night and other fund raisers….but more importantly they gave their time.  These young students who I am especially proud of, adopted Narek as their little brother. UCLA, USC, UC Northridge, UCSD and CSUF.Robert Agaverdian, took Narek to a car show, some of us took him with our families to Disneyland, to ride horses. On his 4th birthday (July 2010), Narek was out of the hospital again from his chemo treatment to celebrate at a pizza parlor with his new friends from the Armenian Pre-school.   In September 2010, Narek’s port was removed and he has been in remission.  June 2011, Narek and Momma return to Armenia where their father a governmental offical awaits along with Narek’s older brother Moses.Next month my special friend will turn 5 years old, God worked miracles for this beautiful child.  Narek never gave up hope and was always happy even when he “hurt”.   Narek, was climbing the boxes packed for Armeniaall the way to the top……………………he has indeed climbed to the top of his challenges and remains steadfast.Narek, whispered to me that his dreams were answered and gave me a beautiful necklace and earrings madein Armenia that I will always treasure.   Narek doesn’t understand that he gave us so much more, a sense of cohesiveness, community and connecting together as a family.   We love you Narek, God Bless you on your Journey!!!!