Vanessa Kachadurian, Komitas is Armenian Music

Soghomon Gevorgi Soghomonyan (Սողոմոն Գևորգի Սողոմոնյան), commonly known as Komitas Vardapet (Կոմիտաս Վարդապետ, by Western Armenian transliteration also Gomidas Vartabed) or simply Komitas (Gomidas) (born on September 26 or October 8a, 1869, in Kütahya, Ottoman Empire; died on October 22, 1935, in Paris, France) was an Armenian priest, composer, choir leader, singer, music ethnologist, music pedagogue and musicologist. Many regard him as the founder of modern Armenian classical music.
Komitas lost his mind after witnessing the 1915 Armenian Genocide and is considered a martyr of the genocide
• On Monday, October 1, 2012 you are invited to a presentation on the Life and Works of Komitas Vartabed on a DVD comprising more than 450 photographs, 100 video clips and 550 musical performances from various artists. Compiled and presented by Garegin Chugaszyan at the UC Center in Fresno.


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medical executive and promoter of movie documentaries with a purpose. involved with charities for over 20 years and arts in the schools.
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