vanessa kachadurian-Cher in Armenia

Although this photo is over 15 years old, one of my associates in Armenia sent it to me.  It was a humanitarian trip that Cherilyn Sarkisian aka Cher had made to Armenia.   Cher particularly takes on the children’s issues and is very involved with the Cranofacial foundation of America.    

Grandma Sarkisian lived behind Grandma Kachadurian’s house in Armenian Town (Fresno)  I remember her when I was young.  She was a tall large woman that often boasted about her granddaughter’s talent and beauty.  My grandmother remembered Cherilyn when she was a young girl and brushing her hair – in the Armenian fashion the whole community douting over our children.  Cher was moved around alot as a child, she did attend high school in Fresno for a time (Roosevelt High School).


2 Responses to vanessa kachadurian-Cher in Armenia

  1. Rose Garabedian says:

    Cher is the greatest, she has helped out more than people realize she keeps a low key about this and is humble.
    Big heart and kind soul, she remembers her grandmother making sarma for her.

  2. Vanessa Kachadurian says:

    Rosie you are right!!! hope you are well- we are GOOD. Just got back from church and luncheon. Now cleaning the house, I am upstairs and Karine is downstairs.

    Visit me on twitter.

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